Leverage Product Knowledge & Expertise

  • To purchase efficiently by paying the right value for each product through a detailed technical evaluation
  • To develop new sources and new markets for existing products

Leverage Manufacturing Strengths

  • Two decades of Coke production, with test results of over 40 grades of Coking Coal, enables the Company to offer a value based proposition for optimising coal blends for the customer
  • By pooling demand of various customers including VISA Coke to build economies of scale and achieve competitive logistics costs
  • To strengthen volumes into existing customers by offering better ‘value in use’ Coals

Global Presence, Local Partners

  • Our global network of offices keeps our ears close to the ground to enable us understand macro and micro trends which help us manage our risks and take effective decisions
  • Our local presence focus on building and maintaining long-term partnerships with our suppliers and customers, who value our role in the value chain, market reputation and knowledge.

Structured Trading

  • Financing of raw materials against collateral.

Mining Investments & Off-Take

  • Strategic minority investments in key projects with off-take agreements to leverage and grow our trading business.
  • Exploring global investments for coal, minerals and ores.

A Unique Advantage at the Service of Our Partners

  • In a world hungrier than ever for commodities and moving at a supersonic pace, market intelligence and expertise is becoming a commodity on its own. With its global presence in 12 countries, and being close to the ground in commodity producing or consuming geographies, VISA has access to real-time information   and market developments.

Team of Skilled Individuals

A team of skilled individuals with decades of experience in the various aspects of the trade value chain: mining, manufacturing and technical, trading (physical/financial), shipping, logistics and quality control.

  • In its drive to be a leader in the industry, VISA Commodities believes investing in our Human Capital is one of our main pillars for success.
  • VISA Commodities has recently fortified its ranks with several key senior appointments, each with over 15 years of experience in the trading, mining and sourcing fields.
  • Our international team based is based across 12 countries around the globe, allowing us to cover all time zones to ensure that we serve our partners in a timely fashion.

Leverage Logistics

We understand the value of logistics and utilise our growing balance sheet to bring solutions where others lose steam.

  • VISA Group has its own logistic arms which work hand-in-hand with VISA Commodities in some of the most challenging areas to bring solutions to our Mining/Manufacturing partners and bring their products to the seaborne market.

Advanced Systems & Talented Human Capital

  • We manage our risk with the latest advanced systems and talented human capital. We follow a careful approach to financial risk management within volatile markets. When required, we systematically hedge commodity price risk and minimise company-wide risk concentrations.
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